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Blog Builder is a web application that displays content authored by markdown.

Testing Tools

  • Django Tests
  • Probe Tests
  • Web Page Tests
  • User Tests

Blog Hosting

Hammer is a web app platform that is used as the substrate for all of the web apps authored by Shrinking World Solutions.

Hammer is deployed and running as a Droplet at Digital Ocean.

This single Droplet runs all of the following domains.

Blog Page Loader

This general purpose tool displays documents identified by a requested URL.

from django.urls import path

from .views_blog import BlogTodayView, BlogView

urlpatterns = [

    path('<str:blog>', BlogView.as_view(), name='blog'),
    path('<str:blog>/<str:notebook>', BlogView.as_view(), name='blog_notebook'),
    path('<str:blog>/<str:notebook>/<str:article>', BlogView.as_view(), name='blog_article'),


Application Platforms

Each of these platforms is built into the Hammer App that is hosted at Digital Ocean.

  • App Builder - Applications developers
  • Blog Builder - Page Loader
  • Book Builder - Book Import, Edit, Export
  • Course Builder - Course Import, Edit, Export

Fixes and Issues