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Our motto is, "The world is a much smaller place than it used to be, so learn the skills that will let you thrive!" Web communication technology has already become a global reality and raised the bar for the very concept of literacy.

Founded by Mark Seaman in 2007 to provide Software Engineering and Software Training focused on web development.

Web communications represent the New Literacy of the modern world. If you don't understand web technology you are not really literate today.


Over the last 40 years Mark Seaman has been building software and perfecting the process of software development.

In 25 years at Hewlett-Packard Mark worked on a wide variety of products and technologies (including Disk Drives, Scanners, Cameras, Printers, Personal Computers. His roles included all of the activities required for software development.

During this time, Mark developed a passion for understanding how humans can create software more effectively. As the industry developed Mark was often on the forefront of technology and frequently brought in new technologies to HP by training other team members.

Mark was one of the first practitioners of Scrum for Agile Software Development and has trained many people throughout the years. Mark was also an early adopter of Object-Oriented development and Test-driven Development.

Mark founded Shrinking World Solutions in 2007 to deliver engineering services and training for software development. Most of the software developed recently has been for the world wide web and mobile devices.

Over his career he has developed two to three medium sized applications every year. For most of the applications that were delivered for Shrinking World, Mark was the only software developer.

Over the last forty years Mark has developed over 100 different applications and written around 2 million lines of code personally.


Throughout his career Mark has consistently been involved in training others in software skills. First in his job at Hewlett-Packard, then later at Shrinking World and recently at University of Northern Colorado.

No matter what the context is, Mark loves to learn and share best practices with others. As a lifelong learner he is constantly perfecting new skills and passing them along to others.

Mark has trained hundreds of engineers and business people in web development. He hopes to train thousands before he is done.

In 2015 Mark wrote a book on best practices of software engineering, called the Leverage Principle. He has also written course materials for four courses.

In addition to the professional contributions, Mark has developed numerous personal websites and blogs over the years. As an author his passion for best practice extends beyond software to other topics. Check out the website for more info on his non-software writing.

As a trainer Mark is currently producing over 1,000 pages of course content each year. This is the equivalent of writing three textbooks each year. In his spare time he teaches as an Adjunct Professor of Web Development at University of Northern Colorado.